Monday, December 24, 2012

Give love at Christmas Time

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Every year I go all out for Christmas. Gifts are chosen with precision.  Eternity is spent shopping. My tree is accompanied  by beautiful packages; soulful Christmas music plays, baked goods are plentiful, and parties are attended. I am ready for the season. Subconsciously, I was equating Christmas with the amount of gifts I could purchase for my loved ones.

This year I experienced a series of misfortunate financial events- transmission died in my car,  I lost income from my part-time job, and  there were bills, bills, bills. The extra money that is usually at my disposal was no longer there. I did not like that feeling.There was the temptation to get the holiday blues, so I purposefully did things to avoid getting the blahs. First, I reminded myself that Jesus was born in a manger(which is not a good vacation spot for  the materialistic world we live in).  Then, I did things to make my youngest son happy. He and I built the most defected gingerbread village known to bakery kind, but he loved every minute of it. I  also played Christmas charades with he and his older brothers. I listened  to and sang my favorite Christmas songs and enjoyed as many holiday parties as possible. Finally, I took my pastor's words to heart and decided not to get stressed about what I could not purchase.

Today is Christmas Eve, and I am focusing on love.  I'm so happy that my grandfather, aunts, and relatives are coming to my Mother's home for her annual feast.  My three sons and husband are happy, and we are healthy. It may sound  like a cliche, but there are blessings beyond what we can buy. All was not lost, my husband who is anti-materialist about spending too much on the holiday, took care of the gift buying (even though he reminds us that all our gifts will be on sale the day after Christmas) and that we are all being hustled by big business.

I am at peace, reading the Millionaire Next Door, and getting ready to have a dance to the late Michael Jackson's, Give Love at Christmas Time.

Merry Christmas

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