If radio was this good, I would not need an iPad.
My father is a Muslim. My mother is a Christian. My oldest son is a former  college football player. I just love good music. What do the four of us have in common? We each own 21,  the CD by Adele. My father heard the CD in my mother's car, and  ran to purchase one. My mother heard the CD in my car and purchased her own copy. I was in bed one night and heard this soulful songbird blaring from my son's computer.  I got out the bed and discovered Adele. My son said, "Her music does something for me in the inside that I can't explain." Well,  a voice like this you can't explain;you just give thanks for the other worldly privilege and enjoy every note from the golden throat. There is no ranking for her. The CD is one of the best of all time.  Classic.

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