The poem of the Season

The Union of Two
  What matters is the renewing and long running kinship
  seeking common mission, willing work, memory, melody, song.
  marriage is an art,
  created by the serious, enjoyed by the mature,
  watered with morning, and evening promises.

 those who grow into love
 remain anchored
 like egyptian architecture and seasonal flowers.

an excerpt from Haki Madhubuti
from Ife and Jake
recently republished in The 100 Best African American Poems


with a poem for his wagon/give my doctor a poem for his heart/
i am a poet/ i am not a part-time poet/ i am not an amateur
poet/ i don't know what that person cd be/whoever that
is authorizing poetry as an avocation/is a fraud/
put your own feet on the ground/ writers dont have to plan
another existence forever to live schizophrenically/to
be jane doe and medea in one body/
i have had it/ i not goin to grow up to be something else
i am going to to grow up to be something else

Excerpt from Nappy Edges by
Ntozake Shange

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