Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free book:Kindle

This free book is on Kindle.  If you have an iPhone or Ipad, the Kindle App is free for download.I recommend this book to young men and the people who care about them. It can be read to, or with your teen. I used portions of it in one of my college courses. It can be text for Sunday School too.Daniel Whyte addresses the  many dimensions of a young man's life. The text is written in a clear and conversational tone. It may spark discussion or inner thoughts. Mr. Whyte asked many challenges questions, he also emphasizes the importance of reading and spiritual growth for Christians. Chapters are short enough for your striving reader and your busy schedule. There are  many inspirational quotes by authors and notable people. In case the book begins a spark in your child's life, Mr. Whyte lists must read books for the young men.

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