Saturday, February 11, 2012

R.I.P. Whitney

Whitney Houston had a voice that was soooo rare. It was a priceless pearl. Her voice makes me sure that there is a creator. There are names that others singers can not touch. Aretha, Etta, Barbara, Mahalia, Ella, Patsy Kline, Nancy Wilson and her cousin, Dionne Warwick. But Whitney could hit a note and send it to a place where others could only wish to go. Her classic rendition of Dolly Parton's, I will Always Love You, should be in a the museum of musicality behind untouchable glass. Who else could remake the National Anthem that has been sung a trillion times into a best seller? Lionel Richie called her the voice. Simon Cowell coined her the standard.  Piers Morgan called her a gargantuan talent. Tony Bennett said she was one of the greatest singers ever. Tommy Mottola asserted that she was the gold standard with the golden voice.  Smokey Robinson asserted that she was a sweetheart. Whitney Houston was your girl in a bad relationship from Waiting to Exhale. She was the soloist in church on Sunday that shut the service down. Whitney was the pretty girl who acted as if she did not know it. She was humorous and unpredictable. She was loyal and authentic. She was the holder of Guinness Book of World Records for selling so many albums.  Unfortunately, she had to balance the pressures of an insatiable industry and lost some of the battles. The mystique may have been tarnished by her struggles, but I remember the Talent and am grateful to have heard this divine instrument.

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