Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Army of Davids

I attended an educational advocacy seminar. One of the  seminar speakers, Joe Trippi, mentioned a book: The Army of Davids. The Army of Davids presents a simple, yet profound idea of the greatest economic paradigm shift- the little guy defeating the big giant. The book's title was taken from the Biblical account of a ruddy shepard boy named David. David, too naive to be fearful, fought the gigantic warrior, Goliath, and won. Glenn Reynolds' book posits that "Small is the new big." Reynolds is trumpeting the ideology that technology has obliterated the chasm that  traditionally separated the regular Joe from the big business conglomerates. "The growth of the computer, the Internet, and the niche market means you don't have to be a Goliath to get along." Technology allows artists(writers,musicians, poets,and illustrators) to make money and or be discovered via the Internet. Bloggers are giving political voices to the "others." Apple, Amazon, and Pay Pal accounts have allowed many writers to find an audience without a traditional publishing house. I have friends who are authors; however, only a few of them have book contracts and agents. The majority of the writers follow their dreams and present their art to the world under their own rules and regulations.  Reynolds calls this singularity- the power of the individual. Consider the Kony phenomenon(without the controversy). Because of the Internet, over 80 million people have viewed the  Kony video on You Tube. That was unheard of twenty years ago.  As we approach the dawning of new technologies, we must ponder Reynolds' advice, "Our old models must be discarded and a new reality rules."

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