Saturday, July 14, 2012

Your words and thoughts have physical power - Will Smith

I am addicted to reading about success. Currently, I am reading the Tipping Point. I reviewed Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell earlier this year. I have come to understand that talent is not  a strong enough ingredient for success. I know many talented people who are not successful.There is a particular, specific and purposeful way people who are successful with their talents think and act. Spiritual thinkers have discussed  how our thoughts are most important. There is a biblical scripture that states, "Whatever a person thinks so is that person." The Buddha taught five elements ( physical body, feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and our consciousness), and out of the five, four are situated in the cognitive realm.  Descartes' famous retort, "I think, therefore I am," has been quoted for centuries. Our thoughts either harass, harness, or help us.  As writers we have a hard time harnessing our thoughts because we have this innate internal critic who helps us edit EVERYTHING rather we ask for the help or not. Editing, unfortunately, is the mother of all writing.  But we have to balance editing with healthy writing satisfaction. I want you to watch this video and begin to challenge your beliefs about yourself and your art. Remember above all else believe in yourself.


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