Thursday, December 15, 2011

No more sleeping on Goapele

 For the last six months, I have been driven by Ms. Jill Scott. Finally the discovery of another CD that can survive my weekly two and a half hour commute. Break of Dawn is the latest art released by the mesmerizing musicality of Goaple. Her music makes me want to forsake this world with my man, children and move to love land and occupy hate. From the first track, Dawn, I am in the Taj Mahal with incenses, Persian rugs, pillows, tea and beads(man included). Her music time travels as she unravels odes of living a life high on love. Another track, Pieces, makes me imagine making love under water with waterproof violins playing. If you have children, you know the joy their smiles bring after a long day. Goaple's, Hush, is a love song that tucks the seeds in. There are no skips on this CD. For $7.99 you can download on iTunes and travel with Milk&Honey, Cupcakes, with Tears on My Pillow and reach your spiritual journey to the Break of Dawn. A+

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