Friday, June 8, 2012

Do something creative this summer!!!

40 ways to be more creative
  •  Carry a journal!
  •  Record your thoughts.
  •  Take a vacation to a new destination.
  •  Get a musical suggestion from someone younger.
  •  Go out dancing three nights this week.
  •  Read.
  •  Make positive affirmations
  •  Go to a poetry reading.  
  •  Hang with creative people.
  • Write!Write! Write! 
  • Play with a bored child.
  • Do not take yourself so seriously
  • Take a class(music, language, art, etc.)
  • Watch a good classic movie.
  • Skinny Dip!!
  • Take a day off and visit a museum.
  • Write down your dreams in a night journal. 
  • Buy and fill up a sketch pad. 
  • Learn a new dance.
  • Practice smiling. 
  •  Avoid the dream killers.
  •  Start a blog.
  • Eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
  • Go out for Margaritas and try not to be creative
  • Attend a concert.
  • Join the choir.  
  • Walk two miles at your own pace
  • Submit your art to a magazine. 
  • Collaborate with someone more accomplished.
  • People watch. 
  • Listen to a biography as you drive. 
  • Write a letter to the editor. 
  •  Pick a childhood hobby back up.
  • Make something (candle, jewelry, candy, etc.) 
  • Get a massage.
  • Change that hair. 
  •  Watch the ceiling fan.
  •  Kiss and hug your loved ones. 
  • Pray. 
  •  Count sheep


  1. Hi, Kim. I like the one about Margaritas and trying not to be creative. Watching the ceiling fan comes in second. LOL I'm following you. I hope you'll follow me at

  2. Start a blog! Exactly what we're doing now isn't it? :) Ans you've done yourself a great job at that!

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  5. Hey Kim,

    I will do some of the creative things that are in me. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Lene G.

    1. Lene,

      You are welcome.You know you are one of the most creative people I know. Tap into it.


  6. Love this list! Great ideas especially hanging with creative people!

  7. Ah! Talk about describing exactly how I feel today! Love the musical monkey! Following your blog, now, Kim and thanks for follow on mine!


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