Thursday, May 24, 2012

How (what) do you read ?

 I hear all the nay sayers. The fine art of reading is dieing!!!There is so much fear surrounding the possibility that the Internet and other technologies are killing reading. Nothing will kill reading!!!! Readers will  always read something.  The bottom line is that readers have to read. We must read like we must breathe.  Personally, I read on my Ipad, my desktop, my MacBook Pro and I still read  physical books. I force myself to buy books because I don't want to see  local bookstores disappear (even though they are).  I relish book discussions with owners who actually read new books. I am also a professor; there is no way I can purchase all the books that I need or want to read. My college's  online library has thousands of books that I can read on my desktop. I like that convenience. I am preparing for my first summer vacation; my Ipad is charging and full of myriad books. Like many readers, I don't know what I will be in the mood to read. I am not foreseeing the apocalyptic end of reading. New technologies change traditions. But readers read no matter the technology.

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