Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Technology up;man down!!!

Man Down! Man Down! Technology has taken over the encyclopedia racket. In my mother's house is a set of Compton's encyclopedias. Always fashion forward, my mother's set is white with navy blue trimmings. I completed countless of research papers with those books. The old adage was when in doubt, look it up. The encyclopedia determined who would be crowned winner or loser of many arguments. For over 200 years, Americans purchased a piece of the literary pie. That pie is no longer a stapler in our living rooms. The pie is now virtual and is available of I pads, laptops, and Internet. The drawback was spacing;they do not speak of feng shui. But, in an odd sort of way, I am mourning. Believe it or not;I did enjoy researching that way. But that was back in the day and we all have to flow with the winds of technology.RIP encyclopedias. You have been upgraded.

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