Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Founders' Day- Deltas who I read, breathe and laugh with

Nikki Giovanni

Iconic poet, author and distinguished professor has been called a national treasure and a living legend. Her awards are too numerous to list, but she has an NAACP Image award , a Caldecott Honor and has been nominated for a Grammy. She is the poet that beginning poets emulate. Her life is poetry; her poetry is life. She has approximately thirty-one books and is a frequented bestseller and someone said poetry can not sell. Her recent offering is 100 Best African America Poems, which she edited. She is a defender of all African American art forms(including Hip hop)and loves the genius of Tupac. Nikki Giovanni has taught us to love, be blue, ego trip, talk black and eat cotton candy on a rainy day. My library has a G for Giovanni section. My favorite poem of all time is Ego Tripping:
           My oldest daughter is nefertiti
              the tears from my birth pains
              created the Nile
         I am a beautiful woman

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