Sunday, January 1, 2012

Morning Haiku: Book Review

This is not a review.This is a revival.When I read Sonia Sanchez, I always have a spiritual experience. All members of the African American, women, and ethnic studies communities must pay homage to this national treasure. Sonia Sanchez is one of the original activists who demanded that ALL humans be able to study their own humanity in academia. Her longing for our humanness, is what makes her a truth teller and allows us to tell our truth.It is one thing to have your close friends and family to praise you; it is another thing to have the accomplished  praise you.
Sonia Sanchez is a poets' poet. According to Maya Angelou,"The world is a better place because of Sonia Sanchez: more livable, more laughable, more manageable. I wish millions of people knew that some of the joy in their lives comes from the fact that Sonia Sanchez is writing poetry."
Sonia Sanchez introduces her book, Morning Haiku,"This haiku, this tough form disguised in beauty and insight, is like the blues, for they both offer no solutions, only a pronouncement, a formal declaration-an acceptance of pain, humor,beauty, and non-beauty, death and rebirth, surprise and life." Morning Haiku, is a painted mural. It is a symphony of Sonya Sanchez's poems in the key of her life observations.She composes many Haiku (numbered and divided like Psalms) into singular poems.
 Dr. Sanchez will have you reading and riding along with her poetry, and suddenly, subtly, in the middle of the poem, you are pondering. In memory haiku,  she asked, what is about/ childbirth that women/ ask for seconds? In her haiku poem: 1 year after 9/11, she asked questions of a wailing woman, Sweet September morning/ how did you change skirts so fast? Amongst the Muslim, the Jew, and Christian/ whom does God love more? Why did September come whistling/ through the air in a red coat? Sonia Sanchez  transforms and does a dance in duende,/my breasts are dancing in silver/my feet crying blues/ my thighs sing the flesh off the guitar/ my breath is indecent as my teeth/ aaaaaahhhhhhh/ yeyeyeyeyeye/ i am still standing. You will dance and cry with this muse. You will cry with Emmett Till and her deceased friend and poet Nubia; you will sing with Odetta. You will want to avenge pat for the molestation she suffered in sister haiku.
Sonia Sanchez's also presents praise poetry  that salutes the lives and art of  Max Roach, Emmett Till,Toni Morrison, Ras Baraka, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Vaughn, Kathleen Cleaver, Shirley Chisholm, Betty Shabazz, Fannie Lou Hamer and others. Sonia Sanchez is Sankofa. She flows forwards without forgetting to remind us to look from whence we came. Buy It, Read it, Recite it.


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