Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If critics were God

We live in the era of the critic. America is full of cultural critics and political pundits. There are also night show hosts who make millions joking from someone else's mishaps. In twenty-four hour news cycles sportscasters, who  played the game for short periods of time, suddenly know EVERYTHING about the sport they once played. The arm chair quarterback is everywhere. Technology has made the critical spirit viral. Some were reared in families that critiqued clothes, hair, speech, and decisions. If that was your upbringing, you may subconsciously long for someone's seal of approval. With all of the  external and internal critics, it is sometimes difficult for the artist to finish products because of public opinion. Public opinion only has weight, if you are a perfectionist. Public opinion is really an illusion. So many people come and go like flickers in a flame. The balanced artists is not moved by praise or criticism. The artist can never think he or she is not good enough to produce quality. The artist must step off the omnipotent perch and create. We will never be perfect. Remember when God reflected, his retort was "That's good." The next time you create something you like, let 'That's good' be your mantra.

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