Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Head Off & Split:Part 1

Last semester while perusing through the bookstore franchise, I was drawn to a copy of Poets &Writers magazine. On the cover was a beautiful African American woman with penetrating eyes and locks that a Marley brother would envy.  The poet on the cover was Nikky Finney. After purchasing the issue, I was convicted by the advice Nikky Finney offered to young writers who seemed more concerned with partying at writers' workshops than staying in and honing their crafts. The article left me wanting to know more about this magnificent poet. Like any good 21st century researcher, I ran to sit at the computer and YouTubed every video about or by Nikky Finney. After getting my viral video overview, I intended to buy her latest poetic offering. The only mistake I made, however, was not purchasing a copy of Head Off & Split. Head Off & Split would be selected as the National Book Award winner. By the time I heard of the announcement, finding the book became a daunting task. It was out of stock online, offline, and everywhere in between. Finally, while taking a siesta from Christmas shopping, I stopped to inquire about the book and to my surprise, there was one paperback copy on the shelf. Although the clerk looked quizzical at my excitement, I knew the Muse had been looking out for me. I read and reread the poems. I spoke them aloud and reread them again. Then, I sat the book down to try to review it.

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