Saturday, December 17, 2011

The artist known as I am Tasha Jones owns the stage like noone else

I was in Madison, Alabama at a Marc Lacy and Friends spoken word event. Three poets, as well as the host, headlined the event. Every poet that graced the staged that night inspired the audience with artistic fire. This was in the same season that the brutal tornado wiped through the southeast. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which is were I work, was savagely assaulted and many of the Madison County residents had been without electricity for days. Because of the tornado damage, many in the audience experienced first-hand  or second-hand, there was a different more spiritual vibe. Then suddenly, like a storm, this casket-clean diva tore the roof off the venue. Stage presence was grandiose, lyrics real and relevant,  and the vocal assault was deadly. I am tasha jones owned the poetical throne that night and was the best spoken word performance I witnessed in 2011.

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