Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lessons from Catwoman

The summer affords me too much time. Some time is devoted to the craft of creating art. Some is devoted to trying all flavors of Ben & Jerry's. Some time is given to creating a blog. Other time is devoted to watching movies that I would never watch. I decided to give Catwoman, some of my totally unproductive summer minutes. I was surprised to learn something. Here are the lessons: 1. There is a contented self and a dormant self. 2. Your dormant self is waiting to be presented to the world. 3. The dormant self will have the most fulfilling life. 4. I need a catsuit(forgive me as I digress). 5. Change your style. 6. Live a life that helps humankind. 7.You have to balance your personalities.  The  most important lesson learned  was a revelation. At the end of the movie, Catwoman said,"You have to die to live." In other words, you have to kill that little scared, non-risk taking, and contented being that hates to make waves. Only when you become fearless in your pursuit of life, will you get the most out of it. Meow!

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