Monday, July 11, 2011

Jill Scott review

I am reading Higher Ground: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield and the Rise and Fall of American Soul. I will review this book later. Craig Werner asserts,"Artists tell their stories in voices that walk the line between despair and laughter,asserting black humanity in a world predicated,as Martin Luther King, Jr. observed,on the 'thingification' of human beings. No woman tells the story for black women like Jill Scott (but Tamia is my girl too and she is close). I have been hearing all this buzz about this new CD. My job requires that I travel many hours each week; the only thing that makes the drive bearable is good music. Jill Scott's The Real Thing: Words and sounds, Vol. 3 gets heavy rotation. It stays in the BOSE CD changer. i LOVE that CD so much that I was skeptical about this new one. Could it be this good? So I purchased, The Light of the Sun CD (deluxe version). I listened closely to each track twice. Jill Scott is a singer, poet, and actress. She effortlessly does them all excellently. Her artistry is on another level. How do I review this? I have chosen to continue with adjectives.This CD is a mixture of black feminism, growth, and sensuality. It is also jazzy, harmonious, poetic, sexy, powerful, multifaceted, romantic, grown, vibrant, hunting ,free, flatulent, carnal, spiritual, womanly, mood setting, healing,extracurricular, lyrical and disclosing. My advice,buy it on I tunes and burn a CD because you will scratch it from wear and tear.

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