Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Release your inhibitions

My seven- year- old son ran into my room and asked me what are inhibitions.He heard a song on a commercial that used the term. After giving my best mother to son definition, I began to ponder all my inhibitions. I quickly realized that I have too many.An inhibition is defined as a checking, restraining, or blocking of a mental process,  and etc. This startled me because I was once a wild, carefree chick. I want her back! I am aware that there is a balance between responsibility and irresponsibility. We can not stay Toys R Us kids forever, but we owe it to ourselves and the creator to enjoy this life. So at the start of this summer, I challenge you to do something you would not normally do. My first inhibition annihilation began by milking a cow. I grew up in Chicago and the only thing I thought a cow was for was eating. I no longer eat much beef, but cow milking was a still a stretch for me. I thought I was grabbing the udders too harshly. This was of grave concern, if my tits were being grabbed, I would want it to go softly.The lady  directing the milking reassured me that I was doing fine and no cow was hurt. I was as excited as my seven year old when the milk flowed. He was so proud of me.Lesson learned, release your inhibition; you may enjoy it.

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