Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poem for my three boyz

I praise you as you rise
and traverse through life's journey.
Your psyche is carefully held in my palms
delicate like a Monarch butterflies,
I want to see you soar.
I spew affirmations and acceptance
I call things only as I want them to be.
I speak to the god in you.
I call him forth when you forget he is present.
We banish belittlement here and create
pallets for you emotional restings.
You are my manchildren in this promised land
where promises are dangled on strings of
hope deferred.
I tell you you are super, young men
I tell you to fly and
every hug, kiss,  caress and affirmation
are  fabrics for your quilt.
I cover you.
You can do!
You can do!
You can do!
                                                                                                 Kim G.

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